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Our Project Coordinator in Stoke, Craig Harris, perfectly matched a local company with a primary school enabling them both to achieve their objectives. 

Children walking

Living Streets delivered a Walk Dr event at Woolcool in Stoke to introduce the company to the benefits of walking more. Our message fitted so well with Woolcool’s proactive social responsibility objectives that they wanted to support our work in the Stoke community.

Meanwhile, in a school across town, Packmoor Primary School had been running WOW for a number of years with great success – achieving a Silver Modeshift Award and a staggering Park and Stride increase from 0% to 45%! However, due to a change in funding Packmoor were searching for an alternative funding arrangement to help them continue their great work!

Step in Living Streets!

Craig, our Project Coordinator, acted as a matchmaker for Packmoor Primary and Woolcool. Craig arranged for Woolcool to make a donation to Packmoor Primary to enable them to continue to run WOW in their school.

Packmoor Primary has been able to maintain their momentum of striving towards active travel and Woolcool has been able to achieve their corporate social responsibility objectives whilst supporting their local community! Everyone is a winner! 

Children celebrate win

We are delighted to be chosen to receive the donation for WOW, the year-round walk to school challenge. It means that we can continue to promote our schools enthusiasm and drive towards active travel. We have also been introduced to a fantastic company widening our larger community links. We'd like to take this opportunity to thank Woolcool for the donation that enables our school to continue to work with Living Streets.

Nichola Worthington, Teacher at Packmoor Primary School

Living Streets has been instrumental in introducing the Woolcool team to the benefits of walking more, helping to increase wellbeing whilst also reducing CO2 emissions. We have been delighted to be able to support Living Streets taking these benefits to schools, to help pupils create habits now that can stay with them as they grow up, and in to their workplaces in the future.

Jessica Morris, Finance Director at Woolcool

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