The days of pavement parking in Scotland are finally numbered. Here's how.

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Living Streets Scotland has welcomed publication of legislation for a national ban on footway parking, and urged the rest of the UK to follow their lead.

The Transport (Scotland) Bill will introduce a national ban on pavement and double parking to make it easier for local authorities to ensure our pavements and roads safer and more accessible to all.

A report on the Improving Parking in Scotland public consultation released last month revealed that 83 per cent of people support new legislation to tackle inconsiderate parking, including footway parking, with nearly 70 per cent of respondents having experienced problems on a daily basis.

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National ban on pavement parking coming to Scotland

Child crossing the street because pagements are blocked by vans

Photo © Dave Henniker


Footway Parking Banned in London, but rest of the country including Scotland not included in legislation
Autumn 2011
Living Streets Scotland and Guide Dogs Scotland forms the Responsible Parking Alliance bring together 20 NGOs to press for change
Spring 2012
New responsible parking bill introduced by Joe Fitzpatrick MSP supported by 95% of consultation responses including support for action on double parking
Winter 2013
Living Streets and Guide dogs seek legal advice on whether the Scottish Parliament has powers over parking and begin work on a draft bill for Sandra White MSP
Spring 2015
Footway and Double Parking Bill Introduced by Sandra White. Presiding Officer confirms lack of powers to pass the bill
Winter 2015
Scottish Parliament Local Government Committee takes evidence on the bill, hearing from organisations including Living Streets
4th Dec 2015
Scottish Government backs changes in the law and begins work on securing powers
20 Janaury 2016
Lord McAvoy tries to amend the Scotland Bill, Scotland Minister Lord Dunlop Agrees to come back with changes
8th February 2016
Local Committee Government committee backs a change in the law
23 Feb 2016
Scotland Bill Amended by House of Lords to finally give the Scottish Parliament Powers over parking
1 March 2016
Principles of the Footway Parking Bill unanimously agreed by All MSPs but progress halts as term of parliament ends.

April 2016
SNP and Scottish Green Party manifestos propose a ban on footway parking.
May 2016
Majority of MSPs in new Scottish Parliament elected on manifestos that commit to banning footway parking.
June 2016
New Transport Minister Humza Yousaf reiterates plans to progress legislation on footway parking.