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School road closure in Camden

How Living Streets worked with a London school and its local council to close its street to traffic.

Oxford Street visit with RNIB

On 22 November, we visited central London with a group of campaigners from the RNIB to share ideas about how a…

No Idling - tackling air pollution in London

Living Streets staff have teamed up with the City of London to ask a favour of its drivers.

Pedestrianising Oxford Street could save lives

Pedestrianisation of London's most iconic shopping street cannot come soon enough.

School Route Audit, Surrey

How one pupil's love of WOW has led to some serious walkability improvements in Hersham.

Cardiff goes car-free

As towns and cities around the globe celebrated World Car Free Day, we were in Cardiff to see what it feels li…

Walk to school memories

This mum's lovely message got us thinking about all the memories we make on the walk to school.

WoW schools get snap happy

WoW Schools in North Lincolnshire get snap happy on the walk to school.

Charles Maher Award 2015

The 2015 Charles Maher award has gone to a Year 5 pupil from Tyne & Wear.