Bring your WOW badge to life

There's so much more to discover about the monthly WOW badge if you download our WOW app. The WOW app is fun and easy to use. Unlock great new facts about the Americas and learn more about the animals and culture on each badge.

Upcoming WOW badges to explore

How it works

To download the app, you'll need an Apple or Android smart mobile phone, tablet or device.

1. Download the app from Google Play or iTunes.

2.Once the app has downloaded, to bring your WOW badge to life place it on a well-lit flat surface.

3. Hold your device's camera above and point it down at the badge in view.

4. When you see the augmented reality, explore the scene. There are multiple achievements that can be tapped.

September's badge in virtual reality

Screengrab from our app

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