Walk to School Week 2018 is coming soon!

The countdown is on to Walk to School Week 2018! The five-day walking challenge will be taking place from 21-25 May. Join the thousands of schools taking part and feel the benefits of walking.

Save the date: Walk to School Week is 21-25 May 2018.


Walk to School Week

Walk to School Week in numbers

Walk to School Week had humble beginnings but now thousands of schools across the country take on the five-day walking challenge.

23 years

Walk to School week has been running since 1995.

5 schools

Just 5 schools took part in the first Walk to School Week.


Pupils took part in Walk to School Week 2017!

Walking Roots

Walking Roots is our Five-Day Walking Challenge packs theme for 2018. These packs are the perfect activity for Walk to School Week 2018, helping to get more pupils active and reducing congestion and pollution. They are available now.  

Our Walking Roots challenge will take pupils and their families on a five-day journey, exploring the diverse ecosystem of a tree and the nature it supports. Pupils who walk to school each day add a sticker to the classroom activity-tree. Each sticker brings the tree to life across the week, from the roots and the trunk, to the colourful leaves and blossoming flowers.

Activity diaries for children and parents will focus on the importance of nature and the benefits of walking, as they make their way to and from school for the week. 

At the end of the week, each pupil will have the chance to grow their own set of sunflowers, bringing a bit of nature into the classroom or home.

Walking Roots image

Happy Shoesday

On the Tuesday of Walk to School Week, primary school pupils, parents and teachers across the country raise money for our walking projects, by wearing their happy shoes and donating £1.

Shiny, decorated, colourful, cartoon, gorilla feet - whatever brings that smile on their walk to school.

Register your school and we will send you a free fundraising pack, plus all sorts of fun materials to help make running the day a big success.

Happy Shoesday

Happy shoes