how we can create a walking nation

We want to reverse the decline in walking. By making streets fitter for walking and encouraging more people on their feet we can create a walking nation. We work with government to make change happen and work on the ground to get communities walking.

Have a look at the key ways we can get more people walking.


High Streets

With the UK’s high streets and town centres struggling to adapt to the pace of digital change, a new approach…


Pavement Parking

Parking on pavements is a major concern for our supporters and the general public.


Air pollution

Walking is great for your health, but air pollution is putting the public at risk.



Our urban areas need more 20mph speed limits to create safer streets, and more vibrant communities where peopl…


Shared Spaces

Shared spaces have the potential to make our streets safer and more enjoyable to be in.


Walking and cycling

We want to see more cycling as well as walking. Both are green, clean and healthy ways of getting around.


Walk to school

Walking to school is good for children’s health and the environment.



Everybody should be able to cross the road safely, directly and without delay