Put Your Feet to Work Week is a week-long walking challenge designed to get all your employees out and about, fitting more walking into their day. 

Morning coffee as viewed by commuters - walking cup half full
Health benefits of walking up stairs
Productivity levels increase after post lunchtime walk

One week, two feet, walk away with £50

Put your feet to work week is designed to be a quick way to get everyone in your organisation feeling the benefits of walking. Our challenge packs contain tips, tools and motivating information to encourage all those taking part to walk more every day for a week. This could be through walking meetings, lunchtime walks, adding more walking time into the commute or simply getting up and moving around the office more.

Once your organisation is signed up to the challenge, you'll be provided with materials to monitor and collect information on how much walking each participant has managed. At the end of the week one participant is rewarded with a £50 voucher as a prize for their walking dedication.  

So don't be a desk jockey, take on our one week walking challenge and walk your way to feeling fitter, healthier, happier and being more productive at work. 

If you'd like to sign your organisation up for a Put Your Feet to Work Week challenge, get in touch.

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