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everything you need to know about wow

On this page you will find useful information on WOW during COVID-19. Our team have collated a selection of frequently asked questions and answers on order status, supporting resources, badge competition and lots more. If you can't find what you were looking for below, don't hesitate to get in touch at

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Status of WOW

What is the current status of WOW?

WOW is currently suspended and will not be taking place in Summer 2020. WOW will return in full in autumn 2020, subject to developments to government guidance in relation to COVID-19 and its implications for schools.

Whilst WOW is not taking place, we remain committed to supporting children of primary school age. Parents and teachers are encouraged to visit our primary school page for more information, free activities and resources.

Additionally, although no badges are being made available at present, Travel Tracker remains available as a tool for tracking any journeys made to school over this period of disruption.

Will 2019-20 Travel Tracker data be made available for download, despite the suspension of WOW?

Travel Tracker data for the 2019-20 academic year will be made available for download at the end of the summer term. Further guidance will be issued in due course.





existing orders

What is the status of orders placed for summer 2020?

All summer WOW orders are currently being securely held and will be supplied for use in autumn 2020. This applies to all physical resources, including badges and wallcharts.



When will resources ordered for summer 2020 be delivered?

Autumn deliveries are currently scheduled to dispatch to schools w/c 31/08/2020 in Scotland and w/c 07/09/2020 in England and Wales. All resources should arrive by 11/09/2020 at the latest.



Will existing WOW Travel Tracker subscriptions be carried over to autumn 2020?

Schools which hold a 2019-20 Travel Tracker subscription will be able to use the service in autumn 2020 at no additional cost.

Schools will later be given the option to extend their subscription for the remainder of the 2020-21 academic year.

badge design and themes

What is the status of the 2020 Badge Design Competition?

Judging of this year's WOW Badge Design Competition is suspended while Living Streets' offices remain closed.

Schools are encouraged to monitor emails for updates on future developments, including the resumption of judging and announcement of winning designs. Updates will also be available here.



What impact will the deferral of badges from summer 2020 have on the new year's theme and number of designs?

The 2020-21 academic year will now feature two WOW themes:

  • Inventions that Changed the World, running September - December 2020
  • Wonders of the World, running January - July 2021

Sadly this means there will now only be seven winning Wonders of the World badge designs, although we will be introducing additional runners-up prizes in recognition of this.

the value of walking to school

How can we apply for road closures to increase safe, social distancing street space at drop off and pick up hours?

In the UK, responsibility for public roads is held by the highway authority. The highway authority is usually the county council or unitary authority. As a school or family, you can ask your council to take action towards making the roads around school safer.

At Living Streets, we believe the most effective way to ensure social distancing can happen safely outside schools, is by reducing the number of cars outside the gates. We have created an online letter writing tool to allow you to contact your local councillors and tailor the letter to your school’s needs. Now is the time to take action as the government is encouraging the introduction of School Streets and expecting councils to make significant changes to make streets safer for social distancing (e.g. re-allocating road space to make pavements wider, or modal filtering to stop rat-running in your neighbourhood). For more information, step this way.

How will we show the value of WOW, now more so than ever, when schools will have so many other things they need to prioritise when schools reopen?

The Walk to School movement is more important than ever. It’s crucial we don’t replace one crisis with crises around inactivity and air pollution. We encourage you to recommend walking to the families coming back to school. The fewer people driving up to the school gates, the safer it’s going to be for everyone to social distance at drop off or pick up times.





WOW delivery

What will happen if all year groups do not return to school at once in September?

We are currently working toward the full resumption of WOW from September. Further announcements and guidance will be published in the event that this approach changes for any reason.