Your donations will support the work of Living Streets, the UK’s only charity for everyday walking, helping to create safer streets for all since 1929.

Along with encouraging millions of children to walk to school we also help schools and local councils improve infrastructure through our school route audits.

Here are just a few examples of how your donations could really help Living Streets.

Walk to school


  • Enable individuals to call on their council to stop pavement parking in their area – providing ongoing advice to individuals to help them ensure pavements are free from obstacles, so no one is forced unsafely into the road.
  • Support our campaign that will enable individuals to press for changes to the Highway Code to ensure that walking and cycling is prioritised by all road users across the UK.


  • Help us support groups of parents who want to take action to make the school gates safer and less congested, helping more children walk to school.
  • Support our long-term campaign calling for safer crossings for everyone, but especially the more vulnerable such as older people or those with mobility issues. We will empower people to report issues to their local council and call for a new crossing in their neighbourhood.


  • Help train a volunteer to undertake street audits with their local community so they can assess walkability in their area and make recommendations for change - making streets safer for walking.
  • Help us hold vital campaign surgeries so we can support individuals to make improvements in their area and help to tackle challenges with one-on-one advice

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