Many schools aren’t getting the support they need to develop effective active travel plans and schemes. Living Streets is currently working with 2,000 of the 17,000 primary schools in the UK. We can reach out to more schools with your help.

Together we can make school gates safer and less congested for lots more children.

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Why WOW?

WOW is Living Streets’ year-round walk to school challenge. Pupils record how they get to school each day on the interactive WOW Travel Tracker and those who walk (skate, scoot, cycle or Park & Stride) at least once per week for a month are rewarded with a themed badge. It’s that easy and it works!

We see a 23% increase in walk to school rates after just five weeks. It’s simple to run, easy to take part and after just one year pupils have formed new healthy habits for life.

Can you take the next step with us and sponsor a class of children to get walking in 2019?

We can transform our school streets with the commitment of supporters like you, so that my daughters, and thousands of children up and down the country can arrive at school fresh, active and ready to learn.

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