Little Feet

It is never too early to establish healthy habits.

Little Feet walking challenge is a great way to encourage families with young children to commit to healthy travel throughout childhood - and hopefully for life!

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How does Little Feet work?

Get little ones walking this May during Walk to School Week and beyond with Living Streets’ Little Feet walking challenge packs. The set of fun and engaging activities cover two Early Years themes:

People Who Help Us and Minibeasts

Starting in May, each theme consists of a two-four week burst of activity and can be run back to back.

Little Feet’s journey maps, stickers and educational games are designed to reward families for their walking journey and walking successes (cycling and scooting count too!) instilling healthy habits for life.

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Little Feet



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Why Little Feet is needed

( in 10 children aged 2-4 do not meet recommended daily activity levels
78% of early years settings are not involved in walking initiatives
More cars in the roads = more congestion and pollution

Walking all or part of the journey to or from pre-school is an easy and effective way to help families meet daily activity level recommendations.

Little Feet also provides families with the opportunity to spend quality time together and it is the perfect chance for parent/carers to teach their child road safety skills and how too look after the environment.

The successful delivery of Little Feet relies on a shared responsibility between early years setting and parent/carers. Children will learn about the benefits of being healthy more easily if they hear the same messages from their teacher and at home.

Don’t worry if the children take a little time to get used to the some of the activities, it won’t be long until you start see the impact Little Feet can have!

70% of teachers found it easy to use in the classroom

88% of teachers found the resource to be age appropriate

Supports the EYFS framework and Ofsted descriptors 

Rewards healthy choices 

Celebrates walking successes

Promotes school readiness

Instils healthy habits for life 

Recommended activity by age group

Children under five

180 minutes of physical activity throughout the day (light or energetic activity)


60 minutes of moderate to vigorous activity daily


30 minutes of moderate activity, five or more days a week

Don't just take our word for it

Find out more about recommended activity levels from the UK Department of Health and Loughborough University