Tell us about your everyday walk by answering a few questions and we'll calculate your route's walkability score.

Rate Your Walk on the go or when you've got where you are going - it will take just a minute or so to complete. You can rate any length walk, but we suggest a walk of around 20 minutes will work well.

Join in on social media too - Tweet us a picture of your walk @livingstreets #RateYourWalk

First of all, what kind of a walk are you rating?

Postcode - start or finish of your walk

10% complete

How would you rate the quality of the footways?

Are pavements clean, smooth and well maintained?

How clear is your path from temporary or permanent obstructions?

Includes anything from parked cars, advertising boards, signage, bins and so on

How would you rate the amount of space you have to walk on the footway?

Is the pavement wide enough to walk down comfortably, without being forced in to the road?

40% complete

How safe do you feel in relation to motor traffic?

Think about things like speed and volume of traffic.

How would you rate the air quality on your walk?

Does the air seem polluted? Are exhaust fumes noticeable?

How easy is it to cross the road where you want to cross?

Do you feel safe crossing the road? Are there crossing facilities? Are there dropped kerbs at crossing points?

How easy is it to walk directly to the places you want to walk?

Are pedestrian routes direct and uninterrupted?

70% complete

How safe do you feel in terms of your own security?

Do you feel comfortable walking there by yourself at all times of the day?

How would you rate your walking route as a place to spend time?

Do you feel encouraged to stop there? Are there places to sit and relax? Is it quiet enough to have a conversation?

How likely are you to recommend your walking route?

Is there anything else you would like to tell us about your walk?

Thanks for rating your walk.

While we calculate your score please give us a few details.

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