Why WOW?

WOW is having a big impact, delivering strong results from small investments around the country.

Because WOW rewards pupils for walking to school they love taking part and before they know it they've formed a life-long healthy habit. What sets WOW apart from other active travel schemes is that the activity takes place before and after school. Meaning it doesn't affect your school's learning schedule and at the same time it combats parking and congestion problems, and improves air quality around the school gates.




Family walking to school, crossing the road

Ways to fund WOW


From only around £2 per pupil per year WOW is a simple and cost-effective way of encouraging pupils to travel actively to school. 

If you have an active PTA you can work with them to raise funds to run WOW. If not we've given you some tips on how to raise the money yourself through partnerships or by hosting an event. You'll also find a few resources to give your event a WOW spin. 

If you require any of these documents in an alternative format please get in touch, email: walktoschool@livingstreets.org.uk or call: 020 7377 4900.

Family of illustrated characters walking to school

PE and
Sport Premium

The PE and Sport Premium funding for schools has doubled to £10 per pupil, per year. This premium can be used to fund WOW, a multi-solution activity that is easy, fun and effective.

Sport Premium

Local business sponsorship

Local businesses are often looking for opportunities to make a positive impact on the health and wellbeing of people in their community. 

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Trusts and Foundations

Securing funds from a trust or foundation is a longer term approach to funding WOW which could result in a partnership that lasts for several years.

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download this sample letter to a trust/foundation

Ideas and resources

You can use the template letter, poster and Strider Counter below to give whichever fundraising event you choose a bit of WOW magic!

Wear your favourite shoes to school
Wear your favourite shoes to school

Invite teachers and pupils to wear their favourite shoes to school that day and make a suggested donation to your WOW fund.

Download Letter to parents and carers - DOC

download Fundraising for WOW poster - pdf

Sponsored walk
Walk to school in fancy dress

Invite pupils and teachers on a mass walk to school in fancy dress and make a suggested donation to your WOW fund.

download Letter to parents and carers doc

Download Fundraising for WOW poster - pdf

Strider fundraising counter
Strider fundraising counter!

Keep track of how your school is getting on with raising funds for WOW. Available in two sizes for external and in house printing.

Download WOW Strider foot counter A2 - pdf

download WOW Strider foot counter A3 x 2 - pdf

Get in touch with your Living Streets Coordinator or email walktoschool@livingstreets.org.uk for any further help you need to run your own fundraising event for WOW.