Not only are we exceptional walkers, we’re also experts in planning and urban design, positive behaviour change and have a huge number of on the ground projects that are boosting communities across the UK. We offer a range of bespoke consultancy, project management and behaviour change initiatives, as well as products that will help your business or school reap the benefits of increased walking levels.

Take a stroll around all our projects and initiatives below and see how we can help your community develop the walking bug.

Walking together

Walking together: walking in a group, or encouraging others to take up a walking habit

Walking with a purpose

Walking with a purpose: tips for building walking into your everyday routine, for those who have lost the walk…

Happy Shoesday

Wear the shoes that make you happy, have fun and help us create safer, walkable streets for all.

Walking Works

Walking Works is our programme for embedding the culture of walking into workplaces.

Walking Friends Wales

Join us for our exciting project to help people over 50 be more active

Healthier Safer Streets in Scotland

Living Streets Scotland is working to create safer, more inclusive, and more attractive streets and spaces for…

Three people walking together through city


Our walk to school challenge, rewards primary school pupils who walk to school at least once a week with a mon…

Lower Speed Communities

Living Streets Scotland's new 20mph project.

Month-long Walking Challenge

Help primary school pupils start to feel the benefits of regular activity by taking part in our month-long cha…

Three boys walking to school together