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From your WOW Learning Resources to guides on how to set up your WOW Travel Tracker, here you will find all you may need to run a successful year of WOW and more.

Enjoy exploring and happy walking!

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Activities for schools and families to use during the lockdown.



WOW Lesson Plans

As a WOW schools, you get exclusive access to three full lesson plans for 19/20. Launching one per term, all lessons are suitable for a 60-minute class, are linked to the curriculum, and include pupils' worksheets as well as at home extensions.

WOW assembly presentation

For schools using travel tracker and wall charts.


Teacher's guide to running WOW.

Teacher launch guide

A guide for a smooth start to WOW, for teachers.

WOW engagement video

Walk to school with Strider - a pupils' engagement film to get children even more excited about WOW.

WOW Monitor Guide

Guidance for pupils on being a WOW monitor.

WOW Travel tracker guide

How to set up Travel Tracker in your classroom.

letter to parents

Let parents and carers know you're a WOW school.

Park and stride guide

A guide to setting up the scheme in your school.

Park and stride letters

Template letters to help you set up a Park and Stride scheme.

WOW press releases for schools

Let the local media know you're a WOW school.


Pupils walk to school in their happiest shoes and donate to our charitable work to create safer streets for all

Download these resources to shout about your participation.

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