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A huge thank you every single school, pupil and family who joined Walk to School Week this year! Around 750 schools and 200,000 pupils walked to school for a whole week!


Order your resources today and join the challenge this summer term or whenever suits your school (packs are undated)!


Are your pupils ready to #PowerUp? This year’s challenge, #PowerUp, engages pupils through video game-inspired design, encouraging them to travel sustainably to school every day of the week. Each day will see a level unlocked and a new mission to complete, through which pupils will discover the incredible benefits of walking for individuals, communities and the planet.

WTSW daily levels




Welcome to the five-day Walking Challenge 2022: POWER UP!

Pupils will be encouraged to travel sustainably to school every day of the week, earning stickers as they go along, with a special reward up for grabs at the end of the week!

The #PowerUp challenge will take pupils through five, video game-inspired levels. In the process they’ll learn about the social, road safety, health, environmental benefits of walking, encouraging sustainable travel habits for life.

Is your school ready to:

  • Team Up?
  • Defeat Danger?
  • Boost Health?
  • Save the Planet?
  • Lead the Way?



Pupils will work together to make as many active journeys as possible across the week. They’ll track their progress each day on the fun and interactive classroom wallchart, unlocking new levels and knowledge as they go. Individual activity diaries, daily stickers and end of week pupil rewards will complement this activity, reinforcing the benefits and keeping children engaged.

Classroom packs contain resources for up to 30 pupils and are available in KS1/P1-3 and KS2/P4-7 variants, featuring differing, age-appropriate curriculum-aligned activities.

Inside each pack you’ll find:

  • Teacher guidance and parent information
  • One double-sided classroom wallchart / pledge poster
  • Daily stickers for pupils and wallchart
  • 30 pupil activity diaries
  • 30 end of week pupil rewards

Did you know? You can use your PE and Sport Premium funding to cover the cost of your Walk to School Week packs.

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Download our communications pack and shout about your participation.

The pack includes a press release template, social media content and shareable graphics, an email header and more!











Everyone can join walk to school week

As a walking charity we want to remove barriers to active travel. We support pupils with special educational needs and disabilities to enjoy walking, including travel by wheelchair or mobility scooter. Encouraging parents to park even a little way from the school reduces congestion and air pollution at the school gates and improves road safety. Pupils can walk the last few minutes into school with friends and family, and still earn a badge at the end of the week. However, "walking" to school, even part of the way, might not be an option for all. In these cases, we encourage pupils to become Walk to School Week ambassadors and assist the teacher in running the challenge, to earn their own badge.

Is your school already taking part in WOW?

On our shop page you will also find additional resources to make this Walk to School Week even more fun. From Walk to School banners, to limited edition badges to Strider mascot toys, make the most of your Walk to School Week! These resources are suitable for schools already taking part in WOW who want to offer an extra reward to those who walk to school every day of Walk to School Week.

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"Walk To School Week is something we are very happy to get involved with and which the children have really enjoyed. It gives them the opportunity to do some exercise each and every day. As well as this, traffic is really heavy during term times so we will do anything to help alleviate the issue."

Philip Salisbury, Headteacher - Woodfield Junior School

"Walk to School Week has gone brilliantly, I've been really impressed. The best thing is seeing the children's enthusiasm for walking. They want to walk, they want to get that exercise, they want to take part, the parents want to take part too because the children encourage them which is brilliant. It's all about everyone encouraging each other. Where there's a possibility to walk, let's use our feet and let's keep the traffic off the streets so it’s a much safer place."

Mrs Baker, Headteacher at St Joseph’s Primary School, Bristol