Be a part of our award-winning project Streets Apart, to help older people get more active.


The award-winning Streets Apart project delivered by Living Streets, the charity for everyday walking, is being extended into Havering and Barking & Dagenham. The two new London-based local authorities join Redbridge, thanks to City Bridge Trust funding, to increase physical activity levels in those aged 65+.

The project, which will run over three years, is focused on walking as a way to get active and reduce social isolation in older adults. It will involve led walking groups, audits of local streets to discover places for improvement and volunteer training to ensure legacy of the project.

Julia Crear, Director of Living Streets (South) said: “We’re thrilled that the City Bridge Trust has shown their support for walking being a brilliant solution to social isolation and inactivity levels in older adults.

“As our population ages, we need to address problems with easy and accessible solutions like walking. We had incredible results from the previous Streets Apart project in Redbridge, I look forward to seeing more in the coming years.”

The previous Streets Apart project in Redbridge saw 94% of older adults becoming more active, 86% saying they felt more connected to their local community and 89% saying their mental health had improved.



Download our Streets Apart report for more information on the project.

Streets Apart Report



Download Streets Apart Report

City Bridge Trust

Our Streets Apart project with Redbridge Borough Council improved the lives of older people in the local community. 

If you are interested in joining a Streets Apart walk as an adult over 65, or want to volunteer as a walk leader for Living Streets, please contact Tricia on 07714 616599. 

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