Free Your Feet is a five- day walking challenge for secondary schools.

The walking challenge encourages students to walk all or part of the way to school every day for a week. and is a great way to get pupils feeling the benefits of regular walking.

By way of encouragement, all students who participate are in with a chance to win a £50 shopping voucher.

The Free Your Feet Challenge

How it works

1. Pick a week to run the Free Your Feet challenge.

2. Use the classroom pack materials to promote the week to students and inspire them to walk.

3. At the start of the week give each student a Free Your Feet postcard – they’ll need to complete details of their usual walking habits and how much they walk during the Free Your Feet week.

4. At the end of the week collect the postcards in and award the voucher.

Children walking to school

When to run Free Your Feet?

The Free Your Feet walking challenge can be run at any point of the year, although we think Living Streets’ Walk to School Week, held each May, is the perfect time to do it.

The Free Your Feet walking challenge brought us together. Everyone was equal because we could all walk and enjoy it!.

Year 9 student, St Lawrence Academy

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Two children walking

5 reasons to walk to school

1 Walk for health

Walking = a healthier heart and a brain boost.

2 Walk and smile

Exercise has been scientifically proven to boost mood.

3 Walk and talk

Walking = 20 minutes free time chat time before school.

4 Walk and breath easier

20% of rush hour traffic is the school run.

5 Walk and think

Walking boosts creative inspiration by an average of 60%.

Walk to School with Living Streets

Children walking to school