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Overcoming barriers and identifying opportunities for everyday walking for disabled people (May 2016) | Policy

Funded by Public Health England, the report looks at barriers that disabled people face when it comes to walking outside and how can they be overcome.


Sharing the Space report (May 2016) | Policy

A study of four shared-use paths in London, published March 2016.


Review of pedestrian walking speeds (May 2014) | Policy

A review of pedestrian walking speeds and time needed to cross the road, published May 2014.


Making the Case for Investment in the Walking Environment - Summary Report | Policy

The summary of our report Making the Case for Investment in the Walking Environment.


20mph in Edinburgh case study | Policy

Key lessons from the roll out of 20mph by the City of Edinburgh Council.


How to get more children walking to school | Policy

Our best practice guide on how to get more children walking to school.


Parliamentary Briefing: Road Safety (September 2016) | Scotland

A briefing issued ahead of a debate in the Scottish Parliament in September 2016, calling for 20mph as standard for residential and shopping streets, the enforcement of urban speed limits, tackling pavement parking and better crossings.


Travel to school case study (Scotland) | Scotland

A study o f active travel interventions and influences on travel choice to secondary schools in Scotland.


Count me in - pedestrian count case study | Scotland

A case study highlighting the importance of counting pedestrians, and how to go about doing it using automatic pedestrian counters.