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Living Streets memorandum and articles of association | About Us

Living Streets memorandum and articles of association


Annual report and financial statements 2016.pdf | About Us


Living Streets annual report 2015 | About Us

Report and financial statements, 2015


Leave a walking legacy - online pdf.pdf | About Us


LS Welsh Language Progress Plan.pdf | About Us


1214 Walk-Talk-Think Issue 5 web.pdf | About Us


Campaign for a new crossing | Campaigning materials

Here's a handy guide on what to do and who to ask for help if you think you need a new crossing in your area. As a campaigner your role is to establish a clear need for the crossing with the backing of the local community with the aim of getting the Council to do a survey of the proposed site.


Need a new crossing? | Campaigning materials

If you think you need a new crossing outside your school, on your road or near your local shops, it is really important that with every site where there is need for a crossing, is assessed and that the local context in taken into account. Every road and each community is different, and the needs of local people should be taken into account. Here's a list of things to consider.


Is your crossing up to scratch? | Campaigning materials

Everyone should be able to cross the road safely, directly, and without delay. But does your local crossing make the grade? This handy checklist will help you assess any signalized crossing.


Make your community fitter for walking | Campaigning materials

Living Streets Street Review guidance