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No ball games here | Policy

How UK streets have become no-go areas for our communities.


Backseat children | Policy

How our car dependent culture compromises safety on our streets.


State of our streets | Policy

How better street management policy and practice can help to create safe, attractive and enjoyable streets


Overcoming barriers and identifying opportunities for everyday walking for disabled people | Policy

Almost three-quarters of disabled people take part in no sport or physical activity at all; twice that of non-disabled people. They are not only missing the health benefits. Walking outdoors also offers greater choice, control and independence to lead more fulfilling lives through access to jobs, services and family and social life. The crucial questions that need to be answered are: what are the barriers that disabled people face and how can they be overcome?


Review of pedestrian walking speeds | Policy

A review of pedestrian walking speeds and time needed to cross the road.


Sharing the Space | Policy

A study of four shared-use paths in London, March 2016.


The Streets are ours too | Policy

Addressing barriers to active school travel for young D/deaf and disabled people


Living Streets 20mph case study ACCESSIBLE.PDF | Policy


Review into TfL’s role in promoting better health in London | Policy

Health Committee review into TfL’s role in promoting better health in London


Increasing physical activity in a rural workplace setting | Policy

Porton Down - a case study of a multi-dimensional workplace intervention