An online tool which allows primary school children to log their journeys to school has been recognised with a prestigious award.

At the TRANStech Awards on 1 November 2019, everyday walking charity Living Streets was awarded the Best in Congestion Reduction Award for the WOW Travel Tracker.

WOW Travel Tracker is an online tool which supports Living Streets' year-round challenge for schools: WOW. Each day, as children enter the classroom, they record how they've travelled to school on the Travel Tracker website. WOW rewards children who walk to school (or scoot, cycle or ‘park and stride’) at least once a week, with a monthly themed badge.

Joe Irvin, CEO at Living Streets, said: “We’re thrilled that our WOW Travel Tracker has been recognised for the innovative work it does every day in over a thousand schools across the UK. It is an amazing way to track millions of journeys quickly and reliably, whilst safeguarding privacy. By recording progress, it is really helping us encourage more and more children and their parents to walk to school.”

A generation ago, 70 per cent of primary school children walked to school but this has dropped to just over half (51 per cent). The UK Government has a target in its Cycling & Walking Investment Strategy (CWIS) to have 55 per cent of primary school children walking to school by 2025.

WOW typically results in 23% more children walking to school and a 30% reduction in cars driving up to the school gates

The WOW Travel Tracker is a website built in Django - a Python based CMS.



“We are continually improving and developing the WOW Travel Tracker. Pupils love it because they can input their own travel data and teachers love it, 97% of respondents said they would recommend the WOW Travel Tracker to other schools.”

Beckett Vester, Digital Manager, Living Streets

Alexander at McLeod Primary School, Greenwich said:

"WOW Travel Tracker has encouraged our parents to walk or park and stride. It means a great deal as it has helped with the amount of cars parked outside our school."

The Department for Transport (DfT) have supported the development of the WOW Travel Tracker and Living Streets’ many Local Authority partners can access anonymised data. Local authorities using the system include Blackpool, Leicester, Surrey, Durham, Stoke on Trent, Buckinghamshire, Hampshire, East Sussex and Hertfordshire as well as several large Combined Authorities such as Greater Manchester, West Midlands and West Yorkshire.