The announcement today by Deputy Mayor Val Shawcross, that Oxford Street will be pedestrianised by 2020, is fantastic news for London. This is a great start to creating an iconic walking city, improving the health of those living and working in it.

Last November, responding to Living Streets’ campaign, the then mayoral candidate Sadiq Khan, pledged to pedestrianise London’s most iconic street. Today the Mayor has reiterated his commitment to deliver on that pledge.

This is a bold move that will save lives and clean up one of London’s most polluted streets. It will require a comprehensive review of buses in central London to ensure the problems of Oxford Street are not simply pushed elsewhere and that the street remains accessible for everyone.

We are hopeful that this is just the start in a series of changes that will transform London into the greatest city in the world for walking.

This is fantastic news and we applaud the Mayor for sticking to his manifesto pledge. We’ve long been campaigning for Oxford Street to be vehicle-free. Pollution and traffic are posing a threat to the public and undermining Oxford Street’s reputation as one of the world’s most iconic streets. By 2018 Crossrail will be open, turning 150,000 more people every day onto Oxford Street - this is a game-changer.

Joe Irvin, CEO, Living Streets

Joe continues: "We urge the Mayor to move quickly. Early initiatives to have vehicle free days, reduce buses and taxis and limit speeds can begin almost immediately. This will ensure the Mayor can deliver on his ambition ‘to turn one of the world’s most polluted streets into one of the world’s finest public spaces.’ We want Oxford Street to remain the thriving showcase shopping street of London and the UK."