A quarter of Brits say a daily walk helps them to feel less stressed at work and increases productivity - new research has revealed.

The data, released by everyday walking charity Living Streets for National Walking Month, reveals that 26 per cent said walking improved their concentration, with a further quarter stating it helped them to feel more relaxed in the office.

Although the study highlights that people are increasingly more aware of the wellbeing benefits of walking, with more than a third (36%) declaring that a stroll helps them to feel happier, Living Streets is calling on businesses to encourage more of their staff to get out for a walk during the day and reap the benefits.

The findings have been released as part of the launch of Living Streets’ ‘Try20’ campaign, for this year’s National Walking Month which begins on 1 May. Try20 urges women and men, particularly those who are middle aged to try walking 20 minutes per day this May. In line with NHS recommendations, it is advised adults should carry out 150 minutes’ exercise each week.

Although more than a quarter of people recognise the workplace benefits of a daily walk, two thirds of those surveyed also said they don’t walk for any part of their daily commute, with almost half driving all the way. This is despite 39 per cent admitting they could walk a part of their journey and more than half confessing that they were worried about a lack of exercise in their daily routine. 

We are urging people to Try20 each day during May to see the benefits a daily walk can bring. Our findings show that some people are aware of the benefits of getting away from their desk at lunchtime. Going for a walk can really help you de-stress and feel calmer for the afternoon ahead. It also helps to aid concentration and creative thinking.

Joe Irvin, Living Streets CEO

We encourage our staff to get out and about walking every day either in their lunch break or for a ‘walk and talk’ meeting. We find it really helps re-energise people half way through the day and a burst of fresh air and exercise does wonders for their mental wellbeing.

Fiona Lowe, Head of HR at Westfield Health


Walking for 20 minutes a day can significantly lower the risk of developing a range of diseases such as type 2 diabetes, certain cancers and depression as well as being an easy and affordable way to maintain a healthy weight.

Living Streets is offering free tips and advice to those who pledge to Try20 throughout May. For more information on National Walking Month, visit www.livingstreets.org.uk/nwm. 


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