The Scottish budget 2022-23 published today (9 December 2021) includes £150 million for walking, wheeling and cycling, an increase of £19.6m.   

Living Streets Scotland, part of the UK charity for everyday walking has welcomed the significant funding and the impact it will have to make cleaner and healthier forms of transport. 

The funding will put Scotland on course to ensure sustainable modes of travel get 10 per cent of resources by 2024-25. In addition, a significant increase in road safety funding is proposed. In their press release, Scottish Government says the funding aims to ‘progress ambitions to create an active travel nation, reduce car kilometres and progress towards net zero.’  

Children walking and scooting in Edinburgh

Stuart Hay, Director, Living Streets Scotland said:   

“Today marks a fundamental and positive change in how transport is funded with a much greater focus on people walking, wheeling and cycling.  

“Walking accounts for 22% of all trips, so it’s great to see spending levels reflecting this reality, switching from a focus on new road schemes that have resulted in congestion and emissions. 

The £150 million investment will make it easier, safer and more attractive for more people to choose cleaner ways to travel. This is vital in the face of a climate emergency and a crisis in public health brought about by inactivity.

“This level of investment means new projects, such as national action to get more children walking to school are possible. It also makes plans to cut traffic on Scotland’s roads and streets by 20% more realistic.”