Living Streets has joined more than 60 leading public and voluntary sector organisations to endorse a shared vision for Healthy Ageing.

As a signatory to the Consensus Statement on Healthy Ageing, an initiative created and supported by a range of organisations and facilitated by Public Health England and the Centre for Ageing Better, we’re committed to making England the best place in the world to grow old.

Its purpose is to set out shared commitments on healthy ageing and demonstrate leadership as we enter the World Health Organisation’s Decade of Healthy Ageing 2020-2030.

Research released to launch the Consensus Statement shows that over two thirds of 40-60-year-olds (68%) believe that improving neighbourhoods to meet the needs of older people should be a UK priority.   

Older people

Stephen Edwards, Director of Policy and Communications, Living Streets comments:

“As an ageing population, we need to ensure our streets are safe and welcoming for older adults to enjoy.  Walking regularly can improve balance, strengthen muscles, reduce the risk of falls, and be an antidote to isolation – helping to reduce the risk of depression and dementia.

“In each community, there can be a range of barriers which prevent people from using their local streets and accessing local services. From a lack of resting places and public toilets to damaged or uneven pavements.

“It’s important that older adults are given the opportunity to have their say on how their local streets are designed, managed and maintained so they can enjoy the health and social benefits of staying active and connected to their community.”

Living Streets works with local authorities, communities and partners to help older adults overcome barriers to walking. Our work with older adults has resulted in 80% feeling less stressed or anxious; 76% feeling fitter or healthier; 70% feeling less lonely or isolated and 68% feeling more connected with their community. Find out more about our work with older adults here. 

Read the Consensus Statement on Healthy Ageing here.