Living Streets Scotland are consulting with the community and school of Stirling Riverside, on behalf of Stirling Council, to develop proposals to reduce traffic and improve safety near Riverside Primary school.



Mother and son hand in survey


School Streets Schemes

A School Street is a road outside a school with a temporary restriction on motorised traffic at school drop-off and pick-up times. The restriction applies to school traffic and through traffic. The result is a safer, healthier and more pleasant environment for everyone.

School Street schemes can offer a direct solution for school communities to tackle congestion at the school gate, air pollution, poor health and improve safety.


Riverside Primary School have been experiencing ongoing road safety concerns raised by residents, parents and the school community.

To help address this issue a consultation process for a School Street scheme has been set up to take place during the 2021/22 academic year.  

As part of this process a trial School Street Closure will take place 29-31 March 2022.

During this period a Temporary Traffic Regulation Order will be in place, restricting vehicular movement in the area indicated on the map below.

The following additional exemptions are likely to apply:

  •     Blue badge holders
  •     School Staff/Teachers
  •     Emergency services
  •     Children receiving ASN services
  •     Council vehicles (waste collection and      roads maintenance)
  •     Carers/District nurses
  •     Delivery companies


Supporting walking, cycling, and wheeling with WOW

Riverside primary are a Living Streets WOW school. WOW, the Walk to School Challenge, rewards children who travel actively to school at least once a week with collectable monthly badges, designed by pupils in a UK-wide competition. 


Pupils at a school road closure



Community Consultation Survey

A 3 day, part time closure of streets near the school is due to be trialled before the Easter break, as part of this consultation process. This will enable residents and the school community to experience and reflect on whether further closures would be beneficial.

Streets on the east and west side of the school will close to vehicles for 45 minutes at the start and end of the school day so that pupils can walk/wheel, scoot or cycle safely to school. School Streets have been successfully piloted in Edinburgh and across the UK as a way to reduce congestion, road danger and air pollution.

Parents and guardians, residents of a school street and residents of Stirling Riverside completed our survey to evaluate this trial scheme.


We are continuing discussions with the community and council as we trial the School Streets scheme and we welcome your views.

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Or write to us at:

Living Streets Scotland

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Map of street closure at Stirling Riverside

Walking to school is a positive action parents can take to help clean up our air and improve road safety. We know this isn’t an easy option for all families but School Streets can make the walk to school safer, easier and more attractive for everyone.

Project Coordinator Scotland, Chris Thompson