It is reported in The Times today (30 April) that thousands of roadworks a year will be shifted onto pavements under government plans to cut congestion and prevent roads from potholes.

Tompion Platt, Head of Policy, Living Streets comments: 

“It is delusional to think this will do anything other than shift the problem onto our already cluttered and cracked pavements. 

“This government has committed to enabling more people to walk their everyday journeys. This policy flies in the face of that commitment and will be a particular blow to older and disabled people who are more vulnerable to trips and falls on poorly maintained footways.

“The solution to congestion is to enable people to make more of their everyday journeys on foot. Digging up footways will not do that. 

“Every May we encourage people to walk 20 minutes a day as part of our National Walking Month campaign to help them live healthier and happier lives, to reduce congestion and clean up the air. This is much more achievable when our streets are pleasant, safe and accessible places to walk.”