Today, TfL has published an updated report setting out the outcomes of the consultation on the proposed transformation of Oxford Street.

This comes a day after London Mayor Sadiq Khan published a letter to Westminster City Council regarding their refusal to agree to plans to pedestrianise Oxford Street last month.

Our CEO, Joe Irvin says: “After years of campaigning for Oxford Street to be pedestrianised we are incredibly disappointed and frustrated at the current pausing of the scheme.

"We fully support Mayor Sadiq Khan’s recent letter to Westminster City Council calling on them to tackle the challenges Oxford Street currently poses to everyone who uses it.

“Oxford Street should be an iconic and pleasant place for residents, workers, shoppers and visitors alike. Yet today it is a dangerous, polluted and unpleasant place to be. People using the street on foot experience the highest chance of injury from vehicles and illegal air pollution levels nearly every day of the year.

“Shouldn’t the safety of all be paramount? With an additional 42% projected to commute throughout the Oxford Street area every day by 2021 it is vital that Oxford Street is pedestrianised. Something must be done and soon, before a dire situation becomes worse.”