Today, the Transport Select Committee has encouraged the Government to legalise e-scooters in a new report.

In E-scooters: pavement nuisance or transport innovation, the Committee says that e-scooters have the potential to offer a low cost, accessible and environmentally friendly alternative to the private car. 

Whilst supporting the introduction and use of e-scooters, the Committee advises that current rental trials and any plans for legalisation should not be to the detriment of pedestrians, particularly disabled people.

The Government has currently only legalised trials of e-scooters in certain places across the UK.  


Pavements are for people and although private e-scooters are currently illegal, e- scooters are here to stay. We want the government to impose a lower speed cap and a ban on pavement riding to keep people safe. The Transport Committee wants robust enforcement of the law against nuisance riders but we question whether that is possible, given the reductions in police road safety budgets and the huge constraints on police time.

Mary Creagh, CEO, Living Streets