Results of the Talk London Clear Air Consultation came out today showing that the majority of Londoners think air pollution is a problem in the capital.

Over half (65%) of respondents to the survey showed support for full pedestrianisation of Oxford Street and 62% favour bringing the ULEZ scheme in London forward to 2019.

Both measures were highlighted in Living Streets’ response to the consultation for both would make walking safer and more attractive, further encouraging people to choose two feet over four wheels. The pedestrianisation of Oxford Street, which has recently been committed to by London’s Mayor, is a result that Living Streets has campaigned on for years.

It’s no real surprise that most Londoners support limiting traffic in central London when so many are concerned about air pollution. Limiting motor vehicles in central London, via pedestrianisation of Oxford Street and the proposed Ultra Low Emission Zone, will encourage Londoners to take to their feet. This will not only alleviate pressure on our transport system but improve our air quality, health and economy.

Joe Irvin, CEO, Living Streets