Employees from seven organisations across North Lincolnshire have been celebrating the extra steps they’ve been taking this spring to get fit and active whilst at work.

The ten teams of four pledged to do a certain number of Active 10 blocks. Active 10 blocks are ten minutes of brisk walking.

Living Streets, the UK charity for everyday walking had their coordinator on hand to help staff fit more activity into their day, whether that was a walking meeting, a lunchtime walk or by walking some or all of their commute.   

Sarah Rouse, Project Coordinator (North Lincs), Living Streets said: 

“It can be difficult to keep active, especially for those with office jobs, but inactivity is making people unhealthy and unhappy.  

“These employees across North Lincolnshire have shown how easy it can be to fit more walking into your day, which will go some way to helping to reduce the risk of certain cancers, heart disease, depression and Type 2 diabetes. 

”I hope they encourage more people across North Lincolnshire to give it a go.” 

At the end of May, the teams were entered into a prize draw to commend their efforts. The winners were ‘School of Walk’ from North Lindsey College, who were awarded £100 in High Street shopping vouchers.

Team member, Hayley Stapleton said:

“We have thoroughly enjoyed being challenged to walk more. The weather definitely helped – it was the best motivation to get started in May.”

Employers in North Lincolnshire wanting help from Living Streets to create a healthier and happier workforce can get in touch with Sarah Rouse at sarah.rouse@livingstreets.org.uk