The Scottish Government has committed to £1.8m funding for housing associations to promote walking and cycling.

A combined total of £979,625 has been awarded to 116 community groups and workplaces through the Cycling Friendly programme with a further £821,991 awarded to registered social landlords across Scotland for improvement facilities to promote walking and cycling (see funding statement). 

Stuart Hay, Director, Living Streets Scotland, comments: 

"It's great to see funds being targeted at a very local level for practical measures to boost walking and cycling. This will help address small but significant barriers to walking and cycling, including a lack of accessible paths, lighting, somewhere to sit and rest and secure bike parking.

"Living Streets Scotland looks forward to working with partner housing associations and Cycling Scotland to explore options on each site so residents see the maximum benefit from this investment. A programme of audits will start in the autumn looking at what measures will make the biggest difference for everyday walking and cycling."