A primary school pupil from Hounslow is celebrating being named as one of 11 winners in a UK-wide design competition.

Joshua, 6 years old, from Strand on the Green Primary School, entered the WOW badge design competition from Living Streets, the UK charity for everyday walking.

WOW is Living Streets’ year-round walk to school challenge which sees children who walk to school at least once a week rewarded with a collectable badge each month. The badges are designed in an annual competition, with 11 winners chosen from over 100,000 entrants.

Joshua’s tractor design was chosen for the September badge. At the end of this month, pupils in over 2,000 schools across the UK will be rewarded with Joshua’s badge if they have walked to school. 

Strider, the Living Streets mascot, presented Joshua with his prize in front of his friends and family in a special assembly to kick off the new academic year. Part of Joshua’s prize is a free year of WOW resources for his whole school.

Joshua award

Joshua, badge design winner said:

“I designed a tractor because tractors do the harvesting in autumn. I like walking to school because it’s healthy for you, keeps you fit, is good for your mind and it doesn’t make any pollution.”

Wendy Boucher, Teaching Assistant, Strand on the Green Primary School said:

“The children love the WOW badges; they encourage them to walk even more than they would normally. Everyone at school is extremely proud of Joshua’s achievement and have been walking, cycling and scooting so they can be rewarded with his badge.

“At the school, we always encourage families to be healthy and walk - even if it’s just parking the car a bit further away and walking the rest. When our pupils walk to school it means their excess energy is worn off and there’s oxygen to the brain, making them more focussed in the classroom. And the reduction in congestion is amazing – it’s a lot safer for the children.”

TfL released figures this month revealing that one in four cars at peak time are on the school run. 

Joe Irvin, Chief Executive, Living Streets said:

“Reducing the number of cars around the school gates is vital for improving road safety, air quality and children’s physical and mental health

“When running WOW, schools see an average 23 per cent increase in pupils walking to school and a corresponding drop in car use; reducing congestion outside the school gates and increasing safety.

“We’re thrilled to have Joshua and his fellow pupils taking part in WOW this year. I’m sure it will make a huge difference to their health and happiness.”

With WOW, pupils log their daily journeys to school each day on the WOW Travel Tracker. Those who walk to school at least once a week for a month earn a WOW badge, with 11 to collect across the year.

Each year, the 11 WOW badges follow a new WOW theme, all of which are designed by pupils in Living Streets’ annual badge design competition. This year’s theme is Walk the Seasons and will take pupils on a journey from autumn to summer via puddles, fireworks, snowmen and new-born farm animals.

Joshua in assembly
Joshua and Strider