Together we’ve been calling on MPs to support the pavement parking bill due to be read in Parliament today. Nearly 2,500 Living Streets supporters wrote to their MPs asking them to back the bill. 

Simon Hoare MP has just announced that following mounting pressure the Government has agreed to conduct a policy review on the issue of parking on pavements, and so the bill has been withdrawn.

This means the Department for Transport will put time and resources into researching how a new approach to tackling pavement parking will work, and to work with councils to ensure it's practical and enforceable. 

This is an important step towards tackling the ridiculous situation of parking on pavements. 

This is an important positive step towards limiting the danger pavement parking poses to pedestrians in England and Wales.

Joe Irvin, Living Streets CEO

"Our streets should be easy and accessible to walk on and vehicles parked on pavements cause an obstruction to all. At best, pavement parking is a nuisance and at worst, it can put people’s safety at risk by forcing them into the road."

"We know that pavement parking is an issue that many people care passionately about with nearly 4000 people writing to their MP asking them to back the bill."

"Now it’s crucial that the Government acts promptly to see through its commitment to examine the issue properly. Along with Guide Dogs, we look forward to working with the Government on their review of pavement parking legislation and positively informing decisions next year."

Now it’s crucial that the Government examines the issue properly. Stay tuned for update

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