Safeguards for walkers

A year on from the Glasgow bin lorry crash, which killed six pedestrians, charity for everyday walking, Living Streets says that critical safeguards for walkers have been overlooked. The results of an inquiry into the crash this month deemed that the mainresponsibility lay with the driver and that better medical checks and education for other drivers into the dangers of losing control are needed. But with six crashes, involving HGVs and pedestrians, recorded in Scotland in the past year Living Streets argues that other critical recommendations on avoiding bin lorries accessing busy pedestrian areas risk being overlooked whilst all the focus is on the driver. Stuart Hay, Living Streets’  Scotland Director said: “Better medical checks eliminate only one risk factor to pedestrians from bin lorries and other heavy goods vehicles. Living Streets Scotland remains gravely concerned about the number of large vehicles manoeuvring in close proximity to pedestrians, especially at busy shopping times.

Lorries are over represented in incidents involving pedestrians being killed or seriously injured. Living Streets wants more to be done to reduce the threat posed by large lorries in busy urban areas.


Measures should include better designed lorries, management of the time and amount of vehicles entering town and city centres, slower speed limits and driver training. Living Streets would like all to be considered and developed as part of a long term strategy to protect pedestrians.

We believe the risks around timing, frequency and routes used by waste and delivery trucks in busy town and city centres merits further investigation.

Hay says: “Sadly the Glasgow crash last Christmas is an extreme but not unique incident involving a large vehicle hurting pedestrians. "This danger was recently illustrated by a runaway truck crash in Edinburgh on a busy road next to the station.

We appear to be seeing more of them on our streets, as a result of more frequent deliveries and increased competition by waste and recycling hauliers. "More needs to be done to better protect pedestrians from delivery vehicles ‘ wrong time’ and ‘ wrong place’  incidents. We want to see action now to avoid any other tragedies of this kind.

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