Earlier this month (12 August), the Department for Transport (DfT) announced the opening of a new consultation into whether a new offence, equivalent to causing death by careless or dangerous driving, should be introduced for dangerous cycling.

Living Streets supports the consultation; as the charity for everyday walking our mission is to ensure that all streets are fit for walking and to encourage all generations to enjoy the benefits walking brings.

Following a pedestrian fatality after an incident with an e-bike, we have issued the following comment.

Joe Irvin, CEO of Living Streets says:

“Everyone should obey the laws of the road, whether that’s people walking, cycling, scooting or driving.

“People using e-bikes are subject to the same rules as those on non-motorised bikes, however, users of e-bikes should be made aware of any potential differences, such as the bike’s weight, so they can cycle safely and responsibly.

“There is a need to think about a change to the law on death by dangerous cycling to bring it into line with motoring offences, however, it would be remiss to only look at cycling when 99 per cent of road deaths are caused by motor vehicles.

“We need to see many more measures which protect pedestrians: lower speed limits in urban areas, more time to cross at light-controlled crossings, better street maintenance and constraints on pavement parking. Safer streets are better for everyone.”