Cars could be banned from Edinburgh’s George Street as part of proposals revealed to transform the New Town into a “world class space” for pedestrians (Draft concept design for George Street and New Town goes on show, 8 December 2018).

Plaza areas, people-friendly spaces and a dedicated cycleway are among potential new features for Edinburgh’s George Street and New Town public realm design project.

Stuart Hay, Director of Living Streets Scotland comments:

“This project has the potential to see Edinburgh compete with Paris, Dublin, Brussels and other cities pushing ahead with streets designed around people – not polluting vehicles.

“For too long George Street has been a car park and not the grand avenue it was designed to be. More space for people to walk and spend time will unlock its potential as one of the best streets in Scotland.

“We hope the council will now work closely with the relevant organisations to ensure their vision is delivered and that the radical change in design meets the needs of all users”.

Edinburgh Living Streets, the local campaign group for pedestrians welcomed the proposals. 

We welcome any moves to make George Street, the heart of Edinburgh's New Town, a place that is welcoming to pedestrians, rather than a place full of cars. The need for change has been recognised for years and now is the time for action.

David Hunter, Edinburgh Living Streets Group