Today, Transport for London (TfL) has announced plans to cut the speed limit on main central London roads to 20mph early next year.

This comes after a consultation into the subject were opened earlier this year. There were nearly 2,000 responses to the consultation and half of people said the proposals would have a positive impact on walking with 31 per cent saying that many more people would choose to walk. Almost two-thirds thought that the proposals would lead to more people cycling (59 per cent).

Stephen Edwards, Director of Policy & Communications at Living Streets, comments: 

“It’s fantastic news that TfL has listened to the public and announced a 20mph speed limit on London’s roads within the congestion zone. 

“Our supporters have told us that slower speeds are an important way to encourage them to walk more, and walking more will improve our health and the health of our city.

“We look forward to seeing the 20mph limits extended further into Greater London through TfL’s further phases of planned work.”