Government opens CWIS consultation

Government commits to reverse the decline in walking with Cycling and Walking Investment Strategy.


Scotland can end pavement parking in 2016

Scotland can end pavement parking in 2016.

Women with pram walking in the road due to a car on the pavement


Glasgow Road Safety Advert

Older people's road safety needs to be well thought out in Glasgow


A walking city needs… people power

We all have a role to play in creating great walkable cities. Dan Harris, our programme coordinator in Norwich…


What my walk to school taught me

Matt recalls his walk to school - and the important part it played in his childhood.


Strider's Welsh debut!

Rachel Maycock, Living Streets Wales Manager on Strider's debut in Wales for International Walk to School Mont…


Are you guilty of eating al-desko?

National Walking Month is the best time to break one of modern life's worst habits - eating al desko.


Food Exclusion Zones

Tim, our monitoring and evaluation coordinator, on a bright idea that might just raise the bar this Walk to Wo…


Putting Wales' Active Travel Act into action

Having settled in as Living Streets' first Wales Manager, Rachel Maycock talks about this exciting time for We…