Walking and Pride

How safe and welcome do LGBTQ+ people feel walking and wheeling – together in a Pride march or just everyday?…


‘Now is the time to make some noise' – Juno's story

Juno Sinclair explains why we need to make our streets and pavements accessible for everyone.


Clean Air Day 2022

Want to tackle poor air quality where you live? A few easy things you can do to help make the case for walking…


Leave the car at home this Clean Air Day!

Why we're supporting Clean Air Day, taking place on 16 June 2022.


Guernsey Group at 20

Guernsey Living Streets Group on its most remarkable achievement: the Baubigny Schools pathway.


Darnley Clean Air Park and Stride

Darnley Living Streets Local Group reduce congestion and road danger at Darnley Primary School.

Darnley walking bus parent pushes a smiling child


Influencing Change through Hustings Events

Living Streets asked Local Groups to take the extra step to put walking, wheeling and our streets on the local…

Polling station sign in welsh


Winning the war for the right to breathe and move

We’ve known the science around the harm caused by tobacco since the 1950s. We also know the science around wal…

Young woman walking over zebra crossing


The dangers of pavement parking: Mayur's story

We all know that pavement parking is a pain, but for some of us, it poses a real safety risk.

Headshot of Mayur