Three people walking

The Mayor of London, Sadiq Khan, appointed London’s first-ever Walking and Cycling Commissioner in February heralding a new approach to reducing car use in the capital. Will Norman is working closely with the Mayor to deliver his pledge to get more Londoners active by making cycling and walking safer and easier.

Robert Molteno, the Secretary of the London Living Streets Local Group, invites you to an evening of discussion with Will Norman to hear his ideas and input your own. 

Robert Molteno

Will Norman will set out his vision for walking in London and provide details on how the Greater London Authority and TfL plan to make London a far more walking friendly city through a wide range of policies and interventions across Central, Inner and Outer London.

Policies in the draft Mayor's Transport Strategy such as Healthy Streets and a Vision Zero approach to road safety and reducing danger on London's roads are putting a spotlight on people on foot in a way that has not occurred before.

As well as discussing his ideas, Will Norman will give concrete shape to the good intentions to get more Londoners walking.

As you know, the Mayor's Transport Strategy is long on vision, but short on specific programmes and ideas to meet its ambitious walking targets. 

This meeting is your opportunity to to hear his ideas, listen to the debate around a focus on walking and put forward your suggestions.

Putting the spotlight on walking

Will has a strong background of working with private and public partnerships, and a wealth of experience in getting people from a wide range of backgrounds active.

He says “We have a fantastic opportunity in London to improve conditions for walking alongside a comprehensive cycle network.”

  • Come to our event
  • Ask your questions
  • Voice your concerns
  • Be a part of the movement
  • Meet active people interested in the walking agenda. 


We are delighted that the Walking and Cycling Commissioner for London, Will Norman, will be attending our next London Living Streets Local Group meeting.

When: 6-8pm, Monday, 18 September.

Where: The Gallery, Alan Baxter & Associates, 75 Cowcross St, London EC1M 6EL. Google Map.

Who: Everyone interested in the walking agenda

How: RSVP to Robert Molteno or just come and join us.

"Will Norman’s understanding that walking has been too often underplayed gives us hope that people on foot will at last become a priority."

Joe Irvin, Chief Executive, Living Streets