Wales' Active Travel Act means every Local Authority in Wales has to draw up plans for a network of walking and cycling routes.

Below Living Streets Wales Manager, Rachel Maycock, explains how you can add your voice.

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Write to your local council via Cycling UK's website.

Living Streets has been campaigning for action to increase and support walking in Wales for a long time, and we were so pleased when Wales took action and passed the world’s first Active Travel Act in 2013.

Since then we have made sure the voice of pedestrians has been heard, by lobbying directly, but also by involving people in the process. We want to make sure communities were consulted and listened to when it came to deciding which routes would be active travel routes.

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So what's next?

Thanks to the Active Travel Act every Local Authority in Wales has to draw up plans for a network of walking and cycling routes.

These routes should connect homes to schools and work, to shops and services, parks and leisure facilities. We also want communities to be connected to each other so there is better cohesion.

We want these routes to make it easier to make short local journeys by foot than it would be to take the car.

So Local Authorities need your knowledge and experience about the area you live in. 

Working with other active travel partners as well as the Minister for Active Travel in the Welsh Government, Rebecca Evans AM, we’ve made it really simple for you to ask your Local Authority to involve people in this process. 

By writing to the team in charge of active travel mapping, local residents will be invited to the public engagement events and formal consultation processes in their area. 

This is a great chance to make sure walking routes are fit for purpose and suitable for everyone to enjoy.

I encourage people to get involved and spread the word. The more people that take part, the better placed we are to Get Wales Walking!

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Visit our campaign partners Cycling UK to write a letter to your Local Authority.

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