Sheila Wall is 86 years old, and lives in Stratford-upon-Avon. 


After reading one of our blogs (written by her goddaughter, Kate!), she has been inspired to get out and about for a walk outside.


Sheila Wall
View along canal

As an 86-year-old lady, I was told by my family that I must not go out when lockdown hit us. I said to myself: fine, there is plenty to do in my garden and family and my neighbours were caring for my needs. It was only when I read the interesting article by Kate Joester, my goddaughter, that I realised it was not sensible to be relying just on gardening, I needed proper exercise. With the article in mind I decided that I must venture out and keep my distance every day.

I am fortunate to live on the very outskirts of lovely Stratford-on-Avon, and I can be in a country lane in three minutes. After reading Kate’s article, I started taking a daily walk – and how much better I feel!

I live in a close, and after passing a very colourful corner at a nearby house I arrive in the lane which leads me to our local canal. There is an element of peace about it during lockdown and I can hear the birds singing. Over the hump backed bridge I have to decide: today, do I go left, or right? I went right today, the path leading into Stratford.


Along the way I saw a mother coot with so many babies, and mallards with a trail of babies rushing up to me, hoping I had food for them. On my way home I passed a mother and father swan with four cygnets. They were very cautious of me.  As I progressed home I thought about how wonderful nature is, and how uplifting my walk had been. On arrival home I treated myself to a cup of coffee and time to reflect on my garden and the huge hostas in my pots, given to me by Kate's grandfather. 

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