There are national restrictions in place across the UK.  

During the initial lockdown, many of us enjoyed the respite a short walk offered us. Whilst the weather might not be as welcoming this time round, it remains incredibly important for our mental and physical health to stay active and connected to those around us.

We've taken a look at the new rules for England and broken them down to help you stay safe, active and connected. So wrap up warm and join us as we continue #walkingfromhome.

The guidance below is applicable to people living in England only. Wales and Scotland continue to operate their own national restrictions so rules may vary depending where you live within those nations. For specific, up-to-date guidance for Wales, you can visit the Welsh Govt website, and for Scotland, visit the Scottish Govt website. 

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Can I walk with people I live with?

Yes. Walking with people in your immediate household is fine, as you’re already in contact with them in the home.  

However, be mindful not to walk in a large family group and take up the pavement. As we already know, many of our pavements aren’t very wide!

You should try to leave at least two metres room for others to pass you confidently and safely. 

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Can I walk with someone outside my household?

Yes! You cannot go into someone else's house or garden, unless they live alone and you are in a support bubble with them. However, you can meet up with one person from outside your household in a public space, such as a park, for a walk. 

That means walking is one of the ways you can safely keep in touch with others during this time!

It might be cold but as long as you wrap up warm then you can benefit from being active and staying connected to friends, family and neighbours during these quite isolating times. 

When you do meet with them, you must continue to comply with physical distancing guidelines.  That means staying 2 metres apart, or 1 metre with extra precautions in place, such as wearing face coverings.  

Children under school age or those dependent on round-the-clock care do not count towards the limit on two people meeting outside. For example, a parent/carer and their toddler, could meet with another parent/carer and their toddler. 

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Can I go for a walk if I'm self-isolating?

No. If you are self-isolating then you should not leave your home, even to go for a walk. You should exercise in your home or garden - if you have one. 

If you don’t have a garden then Sport England has lots of great ways to stay active in the home and One You have some 10-minute home workout videos here. 

To find out more about self-isolating, including when you should self-isolate, visit the NHS website.

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how can i keep in touch with someone who's self-isolating?

If you have a neighbour or friend who is self-isolating, you can offer to do their shopping etc and leave it on their doorstep. 

We have free downloadable postcards that allow you to 'post a hug' to someone you might not be able to see at this time. While out on your walk you could post it through their door or pop it in a postbox. Or download and send your own digital versions. 

Post a hug today - make someone's day!

Can I go to the playground with my children?

Yes. Unlike the lockdown in spring, playgrounds will remain open.

Surfaces are possible sources of contamination, so bring your own disinfectant wipes and wash your hands as soon as you get home.  

If playgrounds are too busy then dig out the kids' bikes or scooters instead!  

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how do i keep my walk interesting?

Our #Try20 tips can help you find new ways to fit 20 minutes of walking into your day. 

Spin the wheel to the right to see which tip you should try today!

Walking with little ones?

Our 14 sets of colourful and educational walking activities support children in learning about important themes while staying active. 

For older children (and those young at heart!), our Walking Randomiser can help spice up your strolls. 



Download our walking activities for primary school aged children

Download and print our Walking Randomiser


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