School Travel Plan Advisor for Caerphilly County Borough Council, Susan Davies, has noticed such a positive impact on her students following Walk to School Week that she now considers them very important dates in her diary.

Two thirds of all the schools in Caerphilly borough now take part in the national awareness week, with 5000 pupils enjoying numerous activities and competitions showing them the importance and fun of walking to school.

To illustrate the community spirit which captures the week, Ysogol-Y-Lawnt school made a walking bus of 186 people, including 52 parents, all the teachers and even the local vicar. The children are given assemblies before Walk to School Week and during, in which they learn the importance of walking to school for the environment and their own health.

None of this would be possible without the support of parents. They enjoy being involved with the events and taking part with their children. Everyone is very dedicated to the cause, with one of the head teachers still walking every day even though they have had a double hip replacement! There has been a noticeable drop in congestion outside schools. The children have thoroughly enjoyed the social aspects of walking and the competitions.

Susan Davis, School Travel Plan Advisor