To mark International Walk to School Month last year, we asked for your smart ideas to get more children walking.

Here are some of the best which focus on things relatives, teachers and neighbours can do.

Children and adults walking to school

Scooter parking

I think it would encourage a lot more children to walk to school, all year round, if there were a secure area for them to leave their scooters. Perhaps some of the school staff would like to support the cause by walking to school too, and donating their car parking space as scooter storage.

Karriann Cooper, Chislehurst

Why we like this

Genius! We're not averse to some scooting, but what we really really like about this is the idea of staff joining in too. Teachers walking = more pupils scooting and walking. Sounds like a win-win to us.

Share the burden

Band together with neighbours and take turns in taking the children to school.

Monika Bowker, Edinburgh

To get volunteers to walk children to school. Could be in a group of approximately six children. That way parents also don't have to do it. School children gather around my house and parents drop them off and they walk to school with the volunteers. I wish we had something like that for our school.

Tesse Elliott Hoogstraten, Leeds

Why we like this

Community in action. When ideas like this can be sustained (and they do take some work) they can be a great way, not just of ensuring children travel actively, but also bringing neighbours together. And who knows, buidling critical mass to make their streets even more walkable...

Set up rewards

School-based encouragement like "Discounts on school dinners, fruit given to them on arrival or chance to leave school five minutes earlier or first to be allowed to queue up to leave at the end of the day.”

Why we like this

Setting up a reward scheme can really help get children on their feet.

Our year-round walk to school challenge – WOW – does just that. Find out more about WOW. 


Meanwhile in Australia

Map of Australia

In Australia, projects that encourage whole communities to walk more, creating busier, more vibrant streets, are a key approach to getting more children walking to school

Walking to school in Australia

Share your smart idea

To mark International Walk to School Month we will be talking to communities, supporters and organisations around the world to find out how they’re reversing this worrying trend.

It could be a scheme you have seen in your area or further afield. It could be a clever idea you have come up with yourself - or perhaps you have recently started walking to school yourselves.

Let us know so we can reverse the decline in walking to school.