To mark International Walk to School Month last year, we asked for your smart ideas to get more children walking.

Here are some of the best which focus on making the walk to school more enticing for pupils.

Happy children and the Living Streets zebra crossing

Spotting game

Why not encourage teachers and teaching assistants to hold a weekly session where children tell how many birds, animals, newsagents, sweet shops, bicycle racks or whatever they have seen on their walk to school that week?

Bob Williams, Northampton

Why we like this

Walking can be fun, and we love a bit of gamification. This was just one of oodles we received along those lines, and what we like about it is how it ties in with classroom activity. Fits right into the way our WOW walking challenge works.

Bright and colourful

I think school clothing in winter should be bright, colourful and fun - it's only when kids are happy in their clothing will they enjoy doing what at the moment they don't want to.

Lea Bull, Wellingborough

Why we like this

We love this idea - like Happy Shoesday but using the whole wardrobe. It can go all the way to dressing up for the walk to school, which we of course support as every walk to school is a special occasion.

Pupils' favourite?

Get schools to agree to this: no homework for a month for all those who pledge to walk to school!

Gordon Murray, Glasgow

Why we like this

One reason: it would send walking rates through the roof!


We live 3 miles from school and drive to school, but to encourage the boys to walk we park at the nearest Pokegym. The boys battle the pokegym and then walk the final 1/2 km to school taking in a pokestop on the way. Lots of parents do the same, which makes the walking leg of the journey fun.

Gavin Grey, Leicester

Why we like this

Swapping the whole ride for a park and stride, is a great way to get children walking.



Read our guide on setting up a Park and Stride scheme.

Please let us know if you would like this PDF in a different format. We are working to make our PDFs accessible and they will be available soon.

Park and Stride Guide (pdf)

Meanwhile in Canada

Map of Canada

Because the winters can be long and cold, schools organise Winter Walk Days with hot chocolate for walkers.

Walking to school in Canada

Share your smart idea

To mark International Walk to School Month we will be talking to communities, supporters and organisations around the world to find out how they’re reversing this worrying trend.

It could be a scheme you have seen in your area or further afield. It could be a clever idea you have come up with yourself - or perhaps you have recently started walking to school yourselves.

Let us know so we can reverse the decline in walking to school.