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When the announcement from Government came at the start of January that schools would be closed to all but key worker children, Living Streets began work to enable WOW families to track daily activity at home.

Our Head of Policy and Communications Tanya Braun tells us more.


With the majority of primary school children learning at home at the start of 2021, we wanted to act quickly to bring our WOW challenge to them.

WOW results in more children walking to school and fewer cars driving to the school gates, so why can’t it encourage more children and their families to be active at, or from home? The answer is, it can.

Sport England released data earlier this month, via its Active Lives Children’s Survey showing that through the COVID 19 pandemic, children have been less active on average. However, walking as a way to keep active has increased. We want to further encourage this with children at our WOW schools, by pupils bringing the WOW challenge home with them.

Walking, cycling and fitness all saw large increases in the numbers reporting they took part in the last week compared to the same period 12 months earlier.

1.6m more children and young people went for a walk (+22.2%). Active Lives Children's Survey.


Our award-winning WOW Travel Tracker records children’s journeys during the school day. By selecting their given icon, children record how they get to school (walking, cycling, being driven, bus etc). If they regularly use an active travel mode (walking, cycling, scooting) then they are awarded a special badge at the end of each month.

By making some small tweaks to the online system, and rebranding it the WOW Activity Tracker, a walk from home and other exercise have been added to the daily activities children can complete to be awarded for keeping active.


Parents can record daily physical activity with their children using the familiar classroom tool.  While at home, they will receive special online / printable rewards to help keep them motivated.

We’re really excited to be able to bring the WOW Activity Tracker home to families during this lockdown and hope to see lots of activity recorded!