Happy Shoesday

With Happy Shoesday just a few months away, we are meeting people from all walks of life for whom every day is a Shoesday. 

Derek Croasdale, is a Shoe Carer. Here's what he told us...

Derek Croasdale

What do you do, and how long have you been doing it?

I’m a shoe carer – that is a shoe cobbler. I started when I was 15 – so have been doing the job now for 54 years. I enjoy it although, it’s got a lot quieter over the years.


What is the best pair of shoes you’ve ever mended?

I was sent a pair of Jimmy Choos from Dubai, after being featured in the Telegraph once. I took good care of them – they were very pretty! I have also enjoyed repairing handmade shoes from Germyn Street. It’s great to get a good pair of well made shoes.

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What do you think about first when it comes to good shoes – practicality or attractiveness?

They go hand in hand. Practical is good for your everyday shoes. It’s good to get two pairs of shoes you like, then you can wear them often without wearing them out too much.

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If you had to choose one pair of happy shoes what would they be?

I like brogues and they’re coming back into fashion! I’m starting to sell more brightly coloured laces now too – I have some multi-coloured laces on today in my trainers.

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How would a young person get into this line of work?

Timpson do a good programme for youngsters. It’s good to start in a factory, like I did, so you can see the pitfalls of shoes falling apart and then putting them back together. You get a lot of clever kids these days. The good thing about being a cobbler is that it’s a job that computers can’t do!

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Are you ready for Happy Shoesday?

Happy Shoesday is 16 May 2017

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